I am a retired economics professor with a pretty good second-rate academic reputation.

I think I should make this a weekly Substack, but I’m too bogged down to do that till about January 15, 2023.

At some point, I will organize this into categories, since I am interested in widely varying things: 7th grade math, economic policy, game theory, religion, and thinking.

I will freely edit my articles even after they’re published, without noting what I’ve changed. Whenever I see something I’ve written, I see ways to improve it, so I’ll do it. If I wrote something particularly wrong and embarassing that I think someone else might care about, I might make a note of that, but I don’t think I’m important enough for anyone to care that “Eric Rasmusen said X, but then he admitted he was wrong and deleted it!”. If you think I’m trying to hide something shameful and need to confess, let me know and I’ll say something in the comments section of that article.

To learn about me, go to my homepage at rasmusen.org. I wrote a good book on game theory that’s translated into lots of languages, and a paper on exclusive-dealing monopoly law that was influential. I’ve been cancelled twice (in 2003 and 2019, I think they were). My academic pedigree can’t be bettered: Uni High Urbana, Yale econ BA/MA, MIT Econ PhD in the same class as Mankiw, Whinston, and Woodford. I taught at b-schools at UCLA and Indiana, and spent sabbatical years at Chicago bus, Yale law, Oxford Nuffield econ, Tokyo econ, and Harvard econ and law. So if you think I’m a right-wing kook, pause— and consider whether perhaps you should become one yourself.

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Free Speech, Economics, Society, Religion, Thinking


Eric Rasmusen

Yale BA/MA'80, MIT Phd (econ) '84. Indiana U. prof. Law-and-economics, game theory, industrial organization, Japan.